About Us

About Us

We Back in the 90s I began rebuilding cars as a hobby and a friend of mine was selling them for me on eBay. We were focused mostly on Corvettes in fact we started building so many that it grew into a business. Eventually we found ourselves supporting three major auctions each year in Canada.

Then in 2010 we opened a new facility in Southern California that has really allowed our business to grow. We have a really great team with just under 10 members each with his or her own expertise.

When you support four or five different auctions each year you find yourself coming across all different kinds of cars and having a lot of fun. We have rebuilt and restored everything from Corvettes and Muscle Cars two Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys. Recently our team had a lot of fun building a Scooby-Doo Van based off the cartoon series.

As with any hobby there's always your favorite and ours is Eleanor. There's something really special about rebuilding this car. I think it is a whole package deal that ranges from the teams enjoyment of working on this Hollywood Star to those who are fans of the movie or fans of Exotic Muscle Cars down to the select few collectors. Yes, we spend a lot of time just talking with everyone about Eleanor. Even when we're watching her being loaded onto it truck knowing that she's being shipped to a different part of the world our excitement continues to run high.

Just for fun in January 2019 we setup our www.Instagram.com\Eleanor.Garage account and dedicated this to just Eleanor. With in just seven months we had over 10,000 followers - thank you everyone! This is proof of the kind of impact Eleanor has on her fans.